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  • What is Connect?

    Connect adds functionality to the Windows File Explorer that allows you to create connections between files, folders and topics.

  • How can I create connections?

    Connections are created by selecting a source item and selecting Connect from the context menu. You then navigate to the target(s) and from the context menu you select Paste.

    Steven: Sales manager for a start-up

  • What are topics?

    Topics are items shown in the tree view of the Windows File Explorer that allow you to create an entry point to multiple files, folders and other topics. Topics allow you to keep your information organized without having to move the corresponding files, folders or topics.

    Caroline: Student

  • How can I use Topics to organise my files and folders?

    Topics can be seen as an entry point to multiple files and folders. They differ from folders in that all the files and folders that are conneted to the topic do not need to be in the same locations. Moving any connected file or folder does not break the connection with the topic so you can always find your information.

    Mike: Project Manager